Kaleidoscope: Hide.


Material” Mix Media ( Acrylic and Oil) on Canvas

Size: 16″ H x 20″ W

Original Painting


Kaleidoscope is a series that I started about two years ago. I am inspired by the different shapes and colors we see through a toy. I used to love looking into it when I was young. Watching the prism change form and shape, I saw amazing things.
Drawing from this experience, I wanted to use the same concept to represent women’s emotions and actions—not in a literal sense, but for the viewer to explore a burst of shapes and colors, concealing the essence of women within.

“Hide” is a painting from a series that portrays women’s emotions through various lenses. It illustrates the many facets of being a woman in a society where gender is a defining factor. However, the painting also suggests that a woman’s true self often remains hidden beneath layers of societal expectations, making her feel invisible.


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