Party City



 Party City is a flashback to the 90’s when New York City was the Party City. The party scene in New York City during the 90s was legendary. It was a time when clubbing was at its peak and partying was a way of life. Nightclubs like Studio 54, Palladium, and Limelight were the hottest spots in town, and people from all over the world came to experience the electrifying atmosphere. The fashion was bold and daring, with bright colors, oversized accessories, and bold prints. The music was a mix of genres, from hip-hop to house, and the dancing was wild and free. It was truly the golden era of partying and a time that will never be forgotten.

Group of people at a Party City, Cubism expressionism, Acrylic on Canvas. 20″x 24″


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Acrylic on Canvas


20"W x 24"H


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