Discovering the Top Best 5 Middle Eastern Artists You Need to Know About.

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What is Middle Eastern Art

This article will introduce internationally renowned Middle Eastern Artists. Through generations, Middle Eastern art has struggled to make its place in international art galleries and outstanding exhibitions. But since the beginning of the 21st century, middle Eastern art has gained recognition from collectors and institutions.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Middle Eastern art started gaining recognition due to the stellar creation of its famous artists. With their intricate and elegant artistic styles, these artists have enhanced the art element in the Middle East. 
This article will cover the five most well-known Middle Eastern artists who made the name of their country in cultural and heritage art. Please continue reading to learn about their amazing transformations.

You might have seen the extensive buildings with beautiful tiles and artwork displayed in an organized manner. This is a clear picture of historical Middle Eastern art in the world. One of the essential features of their architecture lies in the tile work and attractive patterns of different colors – often known as the Mosaic. 

Most Middle Eastern art regions show the relationship between humans and the divine. In simple terms, it strongly focuses on displaying religious and cultural significance, including the three major areas – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The handmade rugs, traditional instruments, and beautiful illustrations that you might have in your house are all masterpieces of household art in the Middle East. 

5 Middle Eastern Artists You Should Know About 

Over time, the art culture in the Middle East peaked just because of their regional artists’ superb designs and artwork. These artists practiced their work for several years, showing the heritage and beauty of the Middle East. Here are the five most creative Middle Eastern artists you should know about

1. Shakir Hassan Al Said

Among the most influential Middle Eastern artists, Shakib Hassan Al Said has his name on the top. He is known as Iraq’s most innovative artist for his modern artwork, which consists of Iraqi paintings that reflect spiritual vision. 

Shakir Hassan uses his art pieces as his introduction after graduating from Baghdad in social sciences. At the Institute of Fine Arts, he also performed his duty as a Chief of the Department at the Ministry of Culture and Information. Undoubtedly, he is a crucial figure in Middle Eastern art history. 

2. Saliba Douaihy

Saliba Douaihy was the one who first exposed the mixture of political, social, and religious art culture in Lebanon. By using his drawing and portrait painting skills, he showed the rural scene to the world through his art. Now, he is considered among the four distinguished Lebanese and best Eastern artists worldwide. 

Saliba started his art journey at Habib Srour’s Studio, and after graduating from Paris, he opened his studio in his native city, Lebanon. This enhanced his passion for landscape and classical paintings, which soon transformed into the modern Middle Eastern arts. 

3. Ayman Baalbaki

One of the most renowned young Arab artists whose work is rooted in military conflicts is Ayman Baalbaki. His art pieces are examples of non-religious Middle Eastern art, including anonymous soldiers’ portraits. 

During wartime, Ayman Baalbaki joined the refugee community in Beirut – That’s why most of his artworks show the paintings of civilians and demolished structures. He further promoted Middle Eastern art and culture by featuring in national and international exhibitions, including the Venice “Glasstress” 2013 exhibition. 

4. Dia Al-Azzawi

A big name in the establishment of Iraqi and Arab art is Dia Al-Azzawi. He is one of the pioneers of modern Arab art – who blew up Arab art with his colorist sculptors and art forms. Unlike other Middle Eastern artists, Dia Al-Azzawi has played a vital role in promoting Arab and Iraqi artifacts to a broader audience worldwide. 

In 1965, along with his companions, Dia Al-Azzawi formed an art group named “New Vision” and worked closely with Shakir Hassan Al Said. He got his inspiration for arts from the Institute of Fine Art, Baghdad, and graduated in archaeology. 

5. Oussama Diab 

Oussama Diab has become the face of Middle Eastern artists through his neo-cubist paintings and resonating style. Initially born in Damascus, he is a renowned contemporary artist who adopts modern pop art culture in his artwork. His paintings reflect ancient Middle Eastern images with various props and signs used in the design. 

Oussama Diab sets himself in an ornamental and decorative art background. Thus, his broad canvas shows the colors of elegance and grace. After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Art, Damascus, he started working on different art styles and techniques and is now among the best Middle Eastern artists in the world. 

Final Words

The stunning work of Middle Eastern Artists inspired people around the world. They gave a new meaning to history, culture, and self-expression, leading toward modernism and aesthetic development. The architecture, textiles, and even the social aspects of the Middle East are brimming with novel and refreshing artistic expressions. 

The article discussed Middle Eastern art and how the five incredible artists started art’s new meaning and purpose. The development in the Middle East is continuous, and it won’t be a big surprise if Arab art comes with another sense of art.