7 Visual Art Residencies in Europe and Stipends

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7 Visual Art Residencies in Europe

We have compiled 7 Visual Art Residencies in Europe that offer stipends. The vibrant art scene and supportive infrastructure in Europe greatly appeal to artists throughout the globe. Visual art residencies in Europe are initiatives that give artists access to facilities and funding to support their creative work. Art residencies offer studio space, new influences, contacts, visibility, and a monetary stipend to aid their artistic abilities. Read further to discover more about them:

 1. Berlin-Lagos Residency 

Institutions in Berlin and Lagos have coordinated this program for artists and curators to temporarily live and work in another city while also receiving assistance and access to its networks. The residency program provides studio space, lodging in Lagos or Berlin, round-trip airfare from Berlin to Lagos or vice versa, a visa fee, and daily living expenses.

Visual Art Residencies in Europe offer stipends.

2. Camargo Foundation

The Camargo Foundation organizes a core residency program every year. International artists are welcome to participate in its core program, which supports interdisciplinary thinking, experimentation, and research. Artists and researchers are given the time and space to concentrate on their work and get a weekly stipend of 250 USD and aid for minimal transportation to and from Cassis.

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3. Frans Masereel Centre

Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee, Belgium, offers visual art residency for Artists, graphic designers, researchers, and critics. The Frans Masereel Centre, which focuses on printmaking, offers four residences to artists chosen through an application process, ranging in length from one to six weeks.

Paid Art Residencies in Europe
Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee, Belgium

4. Triangle France

Triangle France is another visual art residency program in Marseille, France, and it provides emerging international artists free artist residencies in Europe. The program accommodates nine artists an advisory council chooses for three to four months each year. Along with studio space, technical support, and assistance finding materials and techniques, residents receive a production grant of €1000.

5. Akademie Schloss Solitude

An international residency program called Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany. The program was created to give young artists the time and space to study and work without the constraints and interruptions of daily living. The Akademie offers residents a fully furnished living/working studio, a €1,200 monthly fellowship award, and complimentary transportation to and from the program.

7 Visual Art Residencies in Europe Which Offer Stipends

6. Roswell AIR Program

Roswell AIR Program provides visual art residence to artists who engage in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and other fine art mediums. Aside from a furnished home and an allowance of $800 per month, artists also receive access to private studios, $100 for a spouse or partner, and $200 for each child residing in the grantee’s household.

7. Lighthouse Works

The ideal candidates for accommodation at Lighthouse Works are visual artists and writers, while they accept artists from a wide range of fields. They offer Six-week-long fellowships with lodging, food, studio space, a $250 travel reimbursement, and a $1,500 stipend for fellows.

Final Words 

Artistic residency programs, artist residencies, or artists in residence are excellent options and opportunities for emerging artists. The stipend, material, or curatorial support will free the resident from the daily distractions and allow total concentration on the work envisioned during the stay. Establishing styles or focusing on developing ideas and possible career advancement is a great option. Being surrounded by a beautiful community of artists and getting critical feedback helps to discover new ways of thinking or seeing.

The application process may look tedious, but do not be discouraged; apply to several. These residencies are investing in the artist; you must let them know what you are about.

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