Top 10 Tips to Promote Your Art Globally: Expert Insights

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We all want to promote our work and get recognition for it. The problem is that sometimes we are unsure how to go about it or if it will be worth the effort. So, here are “10 tips to promote your art globally” on the web, such as social media and in person.

We all spend lots of time on the World Wide Web on different platforms. I can only imagine what Andy Warhol or Picasso would have done with these technologies if they had existed in their time. To promote your artwork globally, you must also promote yourself, but it requires dedication and persistence. Going global is an option if you want to reach the most significant number of people.

1. Create an online presence to promote your art

Creating an online presence for your work is a great way to reach a wider audience and promote yourself as an artist. You can showcase your work on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or create a website where people can buy your art.

This is the first step to promoting yourself and your work. Your website, Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter feed, and other social media platforms should reflect your brand’s image and your vision for your business. You want to be professional and polished but also authentic and relatable.

2. Get involved in groups related to your field of interest

If you’re an artist, get involved with other artists, go to gallery openings, get involved with the online art community, and interact with other artists on their platform, the more people you meet and interact with, the better your chances are of getting discovered by someone who can help you promote yourself and your art. Events like street fairs and farmers’ markets are great opportunities to show off your work in person (and maybe even sell some!).

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3. You can’t do it all alone!

Artists who are just starting often feel like they have all the answers and don’t need help from anyone else. While this might be true in some cases, most successful artists know they can always benefit from the partnership with others who can help grow their brand’s reach.

Partnerships with other businesses and influencers may help you grow your reach, widen your audience, and help you connect with new customers. Identify a group of influencers who will be interested in your work and approach them with samples of what you have to offer. If they like what they see, they may share it with their followers on social media or other platforms. Ensure that what you send them reflects well on their brands and yours.

4. Use storytelling to engage your audience

Your artwork is the product of your creativity. It’s also a visual representation of your personality and brand. But unless you’re a famous artist with a considerable fan base, you need to tell people about your talent to get them interested in what you do. Stories are powerful. A good story will get people talking about your art and help them relate to it more deeply. You can also use storytelling in other marketing initiatives like social media posts. The best stories connect emotionally with their audience, so try to make yours personal and relatable. Do not sound too promotional; focus on telling exciting and relevant stories.

10 tips to promote yourself and your art globaly
Basquiat and Warhol met each other, and a legend was born.

5. Be consistent with your content and engagement

It’s essential to post regularly and engage with your followers. If you only post once or twice a week, you’re not giving people enough reasons to follow you and engage with your content. A good rule of thumb is three posts per day, but if you’re going to be away from social media for a while, make sure that you let people know in advance so they don’t think something happened to you.

6. Create a visual brand that is memorable and unique

Ensure your visual brand is consistent across all platforms (website, social media, business cards). Your logo should be easily recognizable and convey what you do best. This will help people remember who you are when they see your artwork or read about it online.

Salvator Dali Brand
Salvator Dali Brand

7. Be present in the right places

The world is big, and there are many ways to promote yourself and your art. But to get your work noticed globally, it’s essential to be present in the right places. This means attending relevant conferences or exhibitions. If you’re an artist, don’t expect people to buy your paintings just because they see them on Instagram or Facebook — they won’t! You will have better chances at an exhibition where buyers can see your work before deciding whether they want it.

How to promote your Art Globaly
London National Gallery Room 34.

8. Have a short bio and headshot ready for use by others

It would help if you had a brief bio and headshot to send to galleries, curators, or other people who might want to know more about you. Give the facts about your career and include links to your website or social media profiles so they can learn more about you.

9. Join international art organizations

Many organizations are either global or include members from all over the world. You can join these groups to meet other artists, share work and ideas, and get feedback on your work from other artists. Some of these organizations also have competitions where you can enter your work for recognition (and prizes).

10. Create an email newsletter with exclusive content for subscribers

This works exceptionally well if you’re an artist who sells prints of original work through an online store like Etsy or Art Storefronts. Create an email newsletter that gives subscribers access to exclusive content like behind-the-scenes photos of creating content. This will help build loyalty among subscribers


As an artist, you are uniquely positioned to connect with people who love your work. You can create art that makes people smile, think and feel. You can connect with people on a deeper level than most other professions. It’s up to you to get noticed when making art, promoting yourself, and sharing your work with the world.

In short, be diligent in your efforts to promote yourself. Put yourself out there and get active in your local scene because it will make a difference. Follow the tips above, and you’ll soon be well on your way to achieving recognition as an artist from around the globe.

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